Ductless Split

Ductless split heating and air conditioning: the easy, versatile and efficient alternative.

If your home doesn’t have ductwork, ductless heating and air conditioning is a reliable, comfortable and energy efficient option to heat or cool single rooms or your entire home. They can be installed with very little disruption or inconvenience, and they’re very versatile and quiet. Many ductless split heating and air conditioning systems include special features such as 24 hour timers, auto reset, wireless remote control, plasma filters and more. Ductless heating and cooling is an excellent alternative to consider when there is no forced air system in the house.

Whether you want to heat and cool one room or the entire home, they’re the perfect way to keep comfortable all year round. Handy Bros. carries a selection of name-brand quality ductless air conditioners. Ask us which system is best for your needs.

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