Maximize energy savings and comfort with a new high-efficiency furnace.

Did you know that heating and cooling your home can use from 40-60% of your home’s energy? If your furnace is over ten years old, you could be wasting a lot of money in unnecessary energy bills.

Consider that today’s high-efficiency furnaces are up to 98% efficient. That’s a big improvement over older furnaces that were only 60-70% efficient. A new furnace isn’t only going to give you more comfort: you’ll also save a significant amount in energy bills and maintenance costs.

With the introduction of ECM’s (Electrically Commutated Motors), furnaces today offer DC Brushless Variable Speed Blower Motors which operate on a fraction of the power that older furnace motors used. Your power usage is greatly reduced and that puts money back in your wallet.

At Handy Bros. ClimateCare, we have CARRIER brand furnaces that will suit your home and budget. You can count on our technicians to recommend the right one for you. We guarantee it.

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