Radiant Heating

Count on years of reliable, soothing warmth throughout your home with radiant heating.

Radiant heating systems are easy to install, energy efficient and provide a constant source of reliable, soothing warmth. By delivering heat directly to the floor or panels in the wall or ceiling of a house, they deliver consistent, even heat in every room. But radiant heating isn’t only for your floor, wall and ceiling: you can also choose baseboard heating, towel warming, and spot heating.

There are many advantages to radiant heating. It can be more efficient than baseboard or forced-air heating, because it eliminates heat loss in ducts. Plus radiant heating doesn’t distribute allergens, so is often preferred by anyone with allergies or asthma. In-floor radiant heating keeps even the coolest of flooring warm, working well with such materials as stone, tile, or hardwood.

The experts at Handy Bros. ClimateCare can recommend the right radiant heating system for your home and needs.

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