Union Gas Rebate

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Union Gas has introduced a new program “Home Reno Rebate” that offers up to $2500 back to lower the cost of renovating your home. It’s a win/win situation because you will also improve the efficiency of your home and save up to 20% on your energy costs, not to mention increasing t6he value of your home.

It’s easy to qualify. All you need is:

- An active Union Gas Account
- A natural gas furnace/boiler
- Own a detached residential home built in 1994 or earlier

Then, you must:

- Do pre and post-renovation energy audit assessments
- Complete eligible renovations that save a minimum of 550 cubic meters of gas a year

Maximum $2500 rebate includes up to $500 for both energy audits (you pay the HST on the cost of the audits)

Renovation Qualifiers:

- Change Conventional furnace to a high efficiency furnace that is 95% AFUE=550 cubic meters
- Change Mid-Efficiency furnace to a high efficiency furnace that is 95% AFUE=350 cubic meters
- Insulate 50% of your main walls=550 cubic meters
- Insulate 50% of your basement walls=550 cubic meters
- Attic upgrade from R12 to R50=250 cubic meters
- Full house of windows=50 cubic meters
- Air sealing=75 cubic meters

Program expires December 31, 2014. Final audit must be completed by this date. Invoices for work completed must be shown to Auditor at time of final audit.

To find out more information to see if you may qualify, please call our office- 519-676-5825.

To book a pre-renovation audit, please call Ken Nolan(Nolan Inspection Services) 519-365-9910 or email- nolaninspection@cogeco.ca